Beegypt or Help! I'm an Ancient Egyptian Beekeeper! is an edutainment game created for the August 2019 Summer Slow Jam.

Default Controls:

MovementWASDD-Pad/Left Analog Stick
InteractZA ButtonLeft Click
Secondary Interact
XB ButtonRight Click
Options Menu
EnterStart ButonN/A

Accessibility Options: You can adjust the font, font size, colorblind settings, and controls for controllers and keyboard/mouse in the Options Menu.

You are Cori, an archaeologist searching Egypt for the next big discovery. After uncovering a mysterious tomb and finding (and eating from) a perfectly preserved jar of ancient honey, you are transported back in time to the 18th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, under the reign of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Mistaken for a skillful beekeeper, you must now ride down the Nile River, pollinating flowers and collecting fine honeys to share with the world - and Amenhotep himself!

In this entergaging (entertaining + engaging) game, players will learn about Ancient Egypt as well as both ancient and modern-day beekeeping while exploring seven different Ancient Egyptian cities, talking to and trading with their citizens, and giving offerings to the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses at their temples.

Do you beelieve in miracles? Find out what all the buzz about Ancient Egypt is for in this eggciting game!

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I love the art style

Thank you!

You're welcome, Keep up the good work


I like the egyptian artwork. Trading bees while learning egypt. 

Thank you! Bees are all the rage these days.