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Do you like games where you need to collect All The Characters? Then this is the game for you! In Public Domains: A Gacha Game you must save the Public Domains from destruction, all while using ePloids to summon an army of heroes to help you in your jorney!

How to Play

Tap around to do things. On the Teams screen, tap a character twice to view additional information about them. Tap a character, then tap in the party area to add that character to your party!

During combat, tap an enemy to target them, then tap the Attack or Special Attack buttons to attack! Some special attacks target multiple enemies, regardless of who you're targeting!

There are several different Special Attack types:

  • Whack: Attacks with twice as much power as a standard attack.
  • Shield: Increases defense temporarily.
    • ShieldLong: Lasts longer than a regular Shield.
  • Speed: Lowers attack delay time temporarily.
  • Poison: Does damage to target over time.
  • Sand: Decreases target's attack accuracy for a short time.
  • Buff: Increases your party's attack power temporarily.
  • Revive: Brings your leftmost dead party member to life.
  • Heal: Heals the target.
    • HealWeak: Targets your party member with the lowest HP.
  • Cure: Removes all negative status effects from your party.
  • Freeze: Prevents the target from attacking temporarily.
  • Weak: Lowers target's attack power temporarily.
  • Debuff: Removes all buffs (shield, speed, buff, etc.) from target.
  • Rage: Attacks with thrice as much power as a standard attack, but also damages the attacker.
  • Ult: Boosts all of your party's powers for a short time.
  • Aggro: Makes enemies target you.


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Public Domains for Android (Version 1.2) 35 MB
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Public Domains for Android (Version 1.1) 30 MB
Public Domains for Browser (Version 1.0) 26 MB
Public Domains for Android (Version 1.0) 28 MB

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